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Welcome in the universe of SkiAlp-Pro 8

The first link in the broadcasting chain

Give life to your races to the rhythms of finishes.
Display-SkiAlp-Pro allows for the visualization of the live rankings.
The speakers get live data to comment.
Spectators face the rebounds of the race.


The presentation of Display-SkiAlp-Pro is at your command

Display-SkiAlp-Pro has been designed to give free rein to your imagination.
It has a simple display definition window with wide possibilities.
Resolution, colors, character sizes, scrolling speeds of pages are configurable.


The different installations of Display-SkiAlp-Pro

The easiest way is to connect a screen to the external video port of your computer.
. Just set the screen (2) as Windows Extended Desktop.
. SkiAlp-Pro and Display-SkiAlp-Pro run on the same computer (1).
. The protection of the software is managed by a coded dongle for the two software.
In network, the advantage is to move the race management computer (1) away from the display computer (2).
. You have the option of positioning multiple computers to have multiple screens.
. The software protection is managed by a dongle, coded for both SkiAlp-Pro and Display-SkiAlp-Pro, installed on (1)


To order

sales@vola-racing.ch / vola@vola.fr