ВЕРСИЯ 4.0.02
Timestamp-Rally-Pro is a web-based application for the transmission of timing data on the web and via the Vola Server

During a Rally event, it is necessary to measure crossing times at the different Time Controls and at the start and finish of each special stage. Thanks to Timestamp-Rally-Pro, you can transmit the timing data from each measuring point via web and thanks to a simple 3G connection i.e.

System equirements
A stable internet connection
A modern computer without any special features.
Timestamp-Rally-Pro works with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Prices in CHF (Swiss Francs)
Timestamp-Rally-Pro is for rent at CHF 860 (Swiss  Francs)  per year.
We have no other rental period.

To send an order, please send us an e-mail at timing@vola.fr :
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