Startbeep Startbeep


REF. A3-63
The Startbeep was developed to provide coaches, trainers, and clubs with an inexpensive alternative. The Startbeep1 helps creating the ambiance of a big event.
The Startbeep is a microprocessor controlled acoustical starting command transmitter. The startbeep scores with extremely easy handling.

9 user selectable accoustic pre-programmed start intervals (10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 45, 60, 90, and 150 seconds)
One freely programmable start interval between 6 sec and 99:59 min
Selectable prewarning signal 10 seconds before start
Start gun function with accoustic signal (track&field or swimming)
output of start impulse at the selected zero time
Can be synchronized with timing devices
operating temperature: - 25° to + 45° C
chain fastening for mounting on poles etc.
Power supply: integrated 9 V battery or external 12 V battery
Size: 132 x 205 x 88 mm
Weight: 1 kg