VERSION  4.0.08
Live-Rally-Pro is a web application for Rally-Pro.
With Live-Rally-Pro you can broadcast in live: start list, live ranking of an event on your web site.
To use this service you need to:
Time with Rally-Pro in Extended Mode
Use the latest versions of Rally-Pro and Live-Rally-Pro
Make sure that the first two digits of version number Rally-Pro and Live-Rally-Pro match
Be connected to the Internet via a standard ADSL connection or a 3G connection. These connections must have enough available bandwidth and be stable.
Have communication ports TCP / IP number 21741, 21742 and 21743 open

With Live-Rally-Pro, we provide you a technology set that includes:
Rapid access to the Web via SDSL.
This connection is necessary to accept many clients simultaneously.
A powerful web server which is dedicated to this application and with Web software developed for it by Vola.
A technology that enables users to consult timing information on different kind of devices : computers, tablets, smartphones, etc..

Live-Rally-Pro integrates seamlessly into your website:
colours can be adapted,
the names of the columns are configurable,
the size of the window Live-Rally-Pro is adjustable, ...

When you subscribe Live-Rally-Pro, we provide an application wich sends timing data to internet and the address were you can consult results.

System requirements
A modern computer without any special features.
Live-Rally-Pro works with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Prices in CHF (Swiss Francs)
Live-Rally-Pro is for rent at CHF 860 (Swiss  Francs)  per year.
We have no other rental period.

To send an order, please send us an e-mail at :
- The list of products ordered,
- Your company name (or association name),
- Your VAT number (for european countries),
- Your name,
- Your billing address,
- Your delivery address,
- Your phone number,
- Your e-mail address,
- If you have, your website address.